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Value of Workshops

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I know you probably receive many emails from education professionals, however, I just wanted to say that I attended your Workshop on Monday, earlier this week, at the Hyatt in Perth.

I wanted to share with you how valuable I found it as an early childhood consultant. I found the format of your presentation highly engaging, but I also loved how you shared so many examples from your research. The content of the day was really provoking and I have taken away many key messages that I can apply in my work with schools.

I am currently studying a Doctor of Philosophy, researching pedagogical leadership in the early years of school so I found many alignments between your research and the content in Clarity with the research that I am currently doing. So much of what you talked about really resonates with early childhood pedagogy and practice so it really stood out to me that your research in middle and high schools parallels what we know and value in early childhood.

Thanks again for a truly inspiring day.

Amie Fabry

Project Consultant Universal Access Early Childhood Statewide Services

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