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See some of the work that Lyn Sharratt Education Services has been doing with a variety of education organizations.
Please contact us if you are interested in working with Dr. Lyn Sharratt.
As I prepared to work with aspiring leaders in Nova Scotia, the COVID 19 pandemic occurred and impacted everyone, causiing postponements and cancellations in all well laid plans. I was asked to send a message to those leaders during this challenging time as the pandemic continues to create uncertainty. 

Co-Constructed Data Walls Promote Rich Discussion

Original Video Source
Victoria State Government Vimeo

Videos from Corwin

Clarity - Victoria State Government Videos

Intervention Strategies

Case Management

Australia 2017 Literacy in All Subjects

Leading Collaborative Learning: Empowering Excellence Edchat Interactive

Lyn Interview on Bluyonder VoicesGreg Whitby & Lyn Sharratt
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