Learn about the “right things to do right” to achieve effective district-wide improvement. Learn how to increase achievement levels for all students, for all teachers, in all schools, by putting FACES on the data.
Our resources and consulting services have been proven in very large districts and very small districts. We can provide your school leaders with effective professional development tools to support student learning.

Increasing student achievement for all students.


Improving teachers’ assessment and instruction practices in the classroom.

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders are very proud to present Lyn Sharratt as she returns in 2021 with a NEW three-part webinar series..

Leading teaching and learning is a social process. If ‘everyone’s a leader’, then we are each responsible to communicate what learning looks like, what evidence of success looks like, and how to accountably document then share the keys to practices that are making a difference for us.

During these three Webinars, Lyn will explore leader, teacher and student voice, actions and work samples resulting from the impact of shared positive cultures. These will demonstrate the ‘precision-in-practice’ that empowers practitioners and students to own their own learning and maximise their potential. In each session, case studies, videos and photos of real practitioners-at-work will guide our interactive conversations, our thinking and commitment to taking ‘Next Step Actions’ with our colleagues.

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When CLARITY was first introduced Dr. Alma Harris helped with the launch. The dialogue continues in our FACESFriday conversations. 


CLARITY: What Matters MOST in Learning, Teaching, and Leading is now available.

You may use LEAD20 for a 20% discount of your books on www.corwin.com print books. Please note that our warehouse is open and following all safe distance practices, cleaning etc...

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AEL Interview

January 01, 2020

Recently published article from Australian Council for Education Leaders in Australian Education Leader magazine.  Also look at online information about upcoming leadership workshop with Lyn. Clarity: What Matters Most in Learning, Teaching, and Leading.

Student growth: Using data walls to drive learning

January 01, 2020

Student data can be used to identify gaps in learning, to monitor progress over time, and develop targeted teaching strategies.

With a goal to strengthen their use of data to drive learning and teaching, Genazzano FCJ College joined the Eastern Region Data Collective.

The Factor of 2

January 01, 2020

Assessment literacy through precision in practice

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