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Moving Learning Organizations Forward

In my research (Sharratt, 1996-2020), those who lead ‘Learning Organizations (LOs)' may be sources for much needed reassurance and solution-gathering. These leaders consider five ‘Big Ideas’ (Sharratt, 1996) in seeking positive solutions in calm and crisis:

  1. Vision

  2. Structure

  3. Strategy

  4. Resources

  5. Culture

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The outcome of Systems and Schools as Learning Organization is ‘Systems Thinking.’ That is, developing dense interpersonal networks for sharing and discussing knowledge and owning the learning needs of all – which Technology platforms like Microsoft Teams or ZOOM allow us to do. Systems thinking is seen as an individual and collective responsibility to own all students' growth and achievement not just students in my class or at my school but all students’ – down the road.’

So, how are we progressing with stability in:

  1. Co-constructing a vision;

  2. Enabling structures to own all students’ learning needs;

  3. Ensuring growth-promoting strategies;

  4. Creating an ‘open-to-learning’ culture in times of calm and crisis; and

  5. Realizing ‘just-in-time’ resources for students and teachers?

Time to take stock. Happy New Year!

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