Teacher Magazine 2019 Podcast Highlights features Lyn

Interesting connections are being made around the world as educators connect to student #FACES. Podcasts are picking up on the work and sharing through so many media channels.

This podcast from Teacher Magazine is now available. Check it out.


When I look back on this year, the moment that really stands out for me is the podcast I recorded with Dr Lyn Sharratt, here in Melbourne, in front of a live audience of teachers and school leaders. It kicked off our Teacher Talks podcast series, which we intend to build on next year with a series of live events with a range of different speakers and topics.

With Lyn Sharratt, it was a really exciting event right from the outset. On the day we released tickets, it was booked out within an hour and I guess it was a really good opportunity to connect with readers and educators. The thing I enjoyed most about it was it was a really focused discussion. We focused on one specific area – Learning Walks and Talks – so Lyn was able to go into a lot of detail about it. We discussed what they are, how to do them effectively, and the impact they have on the classroom. I’d like to play a short excerpt of the discussion for listeners. In this clip, Lyn is discussing the protocols for learning walks and talks.

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