A Relentless Focus on ALL FACES!

Ali Busuttil is the epitome of Parameter #2: Embedded Instructional Leadership. It is hard work because we are asking teachers to refine their practice; to engage in student-centred leadership; and to build relationships, by staying true to the Co-Teaching Cycle. Ali embraces all the Parameters, particularly Parameters # 3 and 13, with a foundational focus on Parameters #1 and #14 – that is, building a culture of learning with an unwavering focus on learning. The stellar outcome is ‘collective teacher efficacy’: with an impressive effect size of 1.57 and, as Hattie says, one year’s growth for one year at school. Kingswood School in Parramatta Diocese has a collaboratively planned, structured approach to school improvement which has really ‘paid-off’ in terms of ALL students exceeding expectations – BRAVO staff, Ali and Trish Reilly, Principal!

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