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Transforming Research Into Solution-Focused Practice

By Dr. Lyn Sharratt

Most of us came into education as practitioners – to teach, to learn, to change the life trajectory of our students, including those struggling the most. Along the way, many were introduced to Learning Organizations (LOs) and learned to lead within them. But do we really understand the LO research underlying “what matters most in learning, teaching and leading,” so that we can put into practice the goals of all students learning and all teachers teaching optimally in our schools? That is, an inclusive education policy designed to embrace equitable learning opportunities for all being firmly embedded in all K-12 classrooms. Learning Organizations(LO) socially construct knowledge and understanding, enhancing the capacities of individuals and groups to solve problems and achieve the organization's purposes. LO research offers insights that can lead to individual and collective solutions for systems and schools (Sharratt,1996). This article examines how one school system is evolving into a dynamic Learning Organization and turning research into solution-focused practice.

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